Linda is a bulldog bitch 8 years old who came to our center to review and annual vaccination. Examination and vital signs were absolutely normal except I had some mild discomfort in the area of the hips and manipulate data that showed us we were concerned about the owner: “… it is no longer as before, to the time of the stairs you lazy, you can always stays on the ground floor of the house … does not want to drive up soon if it did, and he is us who have to go up … “So we believed it was apprpriate to send the case to our center Specialist in Orthopedics and after performing several tests she was diagnosed a BILATERAL HIP ARTHROSIS, so that “laziness” was produced by arthrosis. Arthrosis is a degenerative disease that can affect one or more joints of the body and is accompanied by pain and inflammation.

“Linda” was introduced in a ARTHROSIS CONTROL PROGRAMME, which is to provide treatment to properly control the evolution of the disease, this treatment is done MULTIMODAL, that is, will be in function of certain key elements that must be controlled. These elements are:

1. Analgesia. Pain is the most important symptom associated with arthrosis. Pain management stabilization help all the other elements that are explained below. To control the pain, there are many drugs and in each case we find the best issue for your pet.

2. Joint pathology. Arthrosis is a progressive disease process that may invalidate the joint. The deterioration and loss of articular cartilage are essential in this process. To control it we have drugs that protect and nourish the cartilage is still healthy affected joint, also have specific feeds that help in the same way. In some cases, joint trauma suffered by the patient may require performing arthroscopic surgery or conventional surgery.

3. Body weight. There is a direct relationship between the manifestation of clinical signs of arthrosis and increased body weight. With a proper diet and exercise can control weight if it is necessary.

4. Exercise. Maintaining a moderate physical exercise for good muscle tone is essential to obtain good results in the CONTROL PROGRAMME.

5. Comfort / health status. Usually we’re talking about animals that have entered into the stage of “3rd age” and, therefore, we must control all the possible concurrent diseases that may have. This will also influence the choosing drugs. We must also take into account all measures of comfort for the patient, such as providing a more comfortable bed, remove barriers that make it jump in regular mouvements, avoid damp and cold in the place where it sleeps … Measures are of common sense but we often overlooked in the planning process.

“Linda” was evaluated, controlled and stabilized by drugs, also provided a ramp that could climb the trunk of her own car, but it was necessary to fix a lift to climb the stairs! As soon as she started a treatment she returned upstairs alone without any problem and the dog stopped being “lazy” returning to normal physical activity.

Once we stabilize the patient, CONTROL PROGRAMME gets into a maintenance phase where the owners of the pets, as directed by their veterinarian, are those that control the evolution and write down its progress and regularly is the vet who makes an evaluation of all data and tests for dose maintenance therapy.

We must know that there are many degrees of arthrosis. Many will be controlled with just one pill a day of chondroprotectors. The sooner the treatment is started, the better will be the response.