Periodontal disease is produced by the accumulation of plaque on the teeth if not removed just becoming rough. This coarse infection causes inflammation of the gums and even led movement and even fall pieces and more severe cases systemic infections.

Small breeds are predisposed and especially those animals that have poor dental occlusion or double dentition.

A very important factor in the prevention of tartar is food, when we feed our pets with moist canned kind pet diets, we are encouraging and maintaining the presence of dental plaque. We therefore recommend that the diet is based dry food, ie feed. Even if we still want to do better in the market have special feed for dental diseases due to the formulation of his kibble encourage the reduction of plaque, tartar and gingivitis.

In addition to the diet have products like mouthwash or dental bones relieved breath and have certain qualities anti-tartar.

The most important is what is most recommended brushing:

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To make it ideal start when the pet is small but you can also get old and adult animals.

We begin by taking the muzzle of our pet and giving a prize (can be a ball of feed) when we leave, we introduce a finger in the mouth, gums and playing back reward, repeat this action several times in order to get used to it. We must have patience and do it repeatedly and steady few days until I find normal. Once we leave, we will move all the pieces touching finger and reward, then we will do the same thing but with toothpaste. Finally, we will share it with the brush to finish brushing your teeth, always remember that after performing the action we must take it as a reward for positive activity.

We recommend brushing daily or every other day.

The market have different toothbrushes and toothpaste to our special pets.

If your animal already has a considerable accumulation of tartar, gums that bleed easily, bad breath or moving teeth, dental cleaning should be done to stop the mouth as clean as possible and then we would start with prevention.

Before performing the cleaning nozzle pre-anesthetic tests are performed. These are necessary because unfortunately we can not do this procedure with the animal awake and be numb. The analytical and electrocardiogram are the basis for choosing the best drug to perform anesthesia. The oral cleaning is applied ultrasound to overturn the rough as do dentists if necessary the extracted teeth that were not servibles. Within hours your pet will be at home with mouth wide net, the only bland diet recommendations will be a day or two and antibiotic coverage.