Urinary calculus

This video shows the moment of removement of urolyts in an extremely large urinary bladder of a seven years old Cocker Spaniel.

Cardiac surgery

This intervention has been made to a Belgian Shepherd puppy who had a congenital abnormality in the heart called patent ductus arteriosus. This pathology is the presence of an abnormal blood vessel connecting the pulmonary artery and the aorta. If surgery is performed to remove the blood vessel, the puppies that suffer from this anomaly can survive a long time. The images show the time in which ligation is performed to cancel the patent ductus .
The key of success in this kind of interventions is a team work: cardiologyst to arrive to an accurate diagnosis and stabilize the patient prior to the surgery, operating room staff and anaesthetists specialized in this type of interventions and a good coordination in the area to monitor the patient ICU (24h. day) throughout the postoperative period.