We are professionals of veterinary medicine for a reason: we like animals and we want to take care of their health and well-being. In order to achieve our objectives we have created a human team made up of veterinarians and auxiliary personnel, to provide a quality service and teamwork.


Núria Nebot Riera

Núria Nebot Riera

Veterinarian Graduated in Bellaterra in 1994. Co-founder and Medical Director of the hospital - DVM (Veterinary), GPCert (SAM), GPCert (Oncol).

He assumes the Medical Direction of the center coordinating and supervising the different managers of each area.

Her specialty is Internal Medicine (ESVPS- Postgraduate in Internal Medicine from the European School of Veterinary) where she has a special interest in oncology and chemotherapy treatments. She also directs the Department of Neurology and Endoscopy (Master of Veterinary Endocòpia by the CCMI-Centro de Cáceres de Minimima Invasión).

Lluís Turet Rodas

Lluís Turet Rodas

Veterinarian Graduated in Bellatera in 1993. Manager of the center and co-founder.

Performs the tasks of coordination and administrative organization of the center.

He directs the Surgical Area and is responsible for the Department of Traumatology (member of the GEVO-group of veterinary orthopedic specialists and of the SETOV-Spanish Society of Traumatologists and Veterinary Orthopedists). He also works in the Department of Ophthalmology (Postgraduate in Veterinary Ophthalmology at the UAB).

Her professional areas of interest include hip dysplasia correction surgery and knee cruciate ligament surgery.


The Costa Brava Veterinary Hospital is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals to treat all types of pets, whether during conventional or emergency hours, and who present any type of pathology. Located in Palafrugell, we receive patients from all over the Empordà region and even from the province of Girona. Veterinarians, assistants and receptionists form a united and well-trained team that has a sense of appreciation for animals that makes them more motivated every day to learn and improve in their profession.