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Since 1995 we are situated in Palafrugell taking care of the pets from Baix Emporda area. We are specialists in pets and exotic animals. We have a professional team with a lot of experience and dedication. We can offer you a high service, constantly adding the latest techniques and skills in veterinary medicine with the best results for ours patients.

Since 2011 our facilities have been certified by the brand ADQUALITATEM (is the first certificate in the province of Girona).

The certification is recognition of AD QUALITIES job well done and is confirmation that the organization of our school has implemented a quality management system following the guidelines of the AD QUALIATEM STANDARDS.

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Infecció per parvovirus caní

Tot i que la parvovirosi afecta més freqüentment a cadells que encara no han completat la seva pauta de vacunació, gossos adults no vacunats també poden contraure la malaltia, amb un pronòstic greu. La parvovirosi és causada per un virus anomenat parvovirus caní....

El conill com a mascota. Quina dieta li he de donar?

Els conills són animals herbívors i la seva dieta ha d’incorporar fenc, pinsos formulats i verdures de fulla verda (enciam, escarola, endívia, col llombarda, api, julivert, fulles de pastanaga, espinacs). És molt important que el conill tingui fenc sempre a...


Leishmania is a protozoan infectious agent transmitted by the bite of a mosquito (Phlebotomus). This mosquito inoculates infectious agent and within its host (dog) leishmania replicates and causes disease. This disease can have many faces depending on the immune...