Here is Troy, a Labrador Retriver puppy that was diagnosed hip dysplasia and was able to intervene and cure through early detection by means of radiography at 4 months of life and the subsequent surgery performed.

All we ever heard of hip dysplasia, is a disease caused by various factors involves the alteration of growth during the postnatal development of the hip bones, namely, that animals are born with normal joints. Mostly dogs, but is also described in other species. It is a dynamic process and all aspects and factors involved depend on age.
The factors involved in the formation of the dysplasia can be divided into:

1-Environmental factors, such as food that we give to our pets or physical activity you may have. It is shown that a poor diet or excessive exercise during the growth stage can cause disease.

2-hereditary factors, is also shown that if parents have dysplasia is very likely that children have, that does not mean that if parents are free of dysplasia in children may not have.

We know that the best way to diagnose dysplasia is by radiography. Lately, the radiological diagnosis technique called