Here we present an interesting case, it is Coco, a male cross Chow-chow 6 years old.

Coco came to the clinic because for some time they saw he was losing a little weight. For the rest Coco was very well, happy, eating well…

Once at the clinic, after a complete exploration we did a complete blood test and saw that he had some anemia, kidney affected and protein and blood pressure both above normal levels.

Then we did a test of Leishmania with the same blood sample in 6 minutes and we have the result: Coco was positive for Leishmania.

From there to determine the degree of involvement of Coco we send blood sample to a specialized laboratory.

The diagnosis of Coco was leishmaniasis and kidney failure arising from the same disease. Coco had to be hospitalized due to the kidney problem and started an appropriate treatment for leishmaniasis. Four days later we sent Coco home with medication. He has been coming to the different controls, first every 3 months and then every 6 months and has been controlling the kidney problem but still have values ??slightly high. He eats with appetite and has recovered part of the weight he had lost .

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease of serious and fatal consequences. It is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito of the genus Phlebotomus. All breeds are susceptible but there are breeds that are more predisposed than others, like Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Rottweiler and German Shepherd; There are also breeds that seem to be more resistant as the case Ibizan hound.

The clinical manifestations of leishmaniasis are highly variable due to the complexity of the pathogenesis and the different responses of the immune system of the patient.

Nonspecific signs: weight loss, muscle atrophy, exercise intolerance, loss of appetite, apathy, lameness, nail growth, vomiting, diarrhea.
Injury to facial skin, ears… are very common and often accompanied by such of clinical signs.
Renal injuries.
Eye Injuries: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratoconjunctivitis sicca.
Coco’s case is not a typical breed either showed common injuries; so it is very important to prevent and make annual checks because we are in an area with a strong presence of the disease.

We therefore recommend the protection and prevention along with controls using a quick test: in less than 10 minutes we have results!